Electroplating & Painting Services

We offer high quality finishing services for your product or component. Our dedicated finishing plant is capable of a complete range of finishes including zinc, nickel, chrome, electropolishing, passivation, powder coating and vinyl.


Wire Forming

We have been a manufacturer of wire baskets and other wire products for well over a century. If you need a product or component made from wire, our team can build it.


Engineering Services

We provide comprehensive engineering services for our clients. Tell us your idea, and our experienced team of engineers can turn that idea into a 3-D model which will be constructed into your very own one-of-a-kind prototype.


Milling Services

We offer a variety of machining services such as progressive die building, milling, drilling and turning.


Project Quoting

Our team of experienced engineers can provide you with comprehensive manufacturing project quotes in about two business days. Tell us your idea, and we can work out the details.


American Manufacturing
since 1898



Automotive component manufacturer Higuchi executes successful expansion to Texas by utilizing large-volume electroplating capabilities at Marlin Steel’s Kaspar Wire Works

In 2007, Higuchi Manufacturing Co. built a branch of their Japan-based company in southeast San Antonio. The vehicle component manufacturer’s decision to relocate their production of seatbelt and motorcycle parts to the South Texas city coinc . . .

H-E-B secures steady production of high-quality custom shelving fixtures for supermarket stores by partnering with Kaspar Manufacturing

Founded in 1905, H-E-B began with a family-owned store in the Texas town of Kerrville. Over the next century, the supermarket expanded throughout Texas and northeast Mexico, and today they serve over 150 communities with more than 350 stores. A . . .

National Oilwell Varco relies on Marlin Steel’s Kaspar Wire Works’s machining capabilities to fabricate essential specialized spool component for mud mixing equipment

WellSite Services is a division of National Oilwell Varco that provides the resources needed to efficiently effectuate and manage every step of the operational life span of a well site, from building the location to handling the logistics. A ne . . .

Marlin Steel’s Kaspar Wire Works expedites production and distribution of specialized custom newspaper racks to ensure USA Today’s inaugural issue reaches nationwide audience on the morning of launch

Prior to September 15, 1982, Americans were often limited to local news and lengthy news cycles, which deprived them of important information regarding international and domestic events occurring every single day. It was this date in history when t . . .

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