A product really isn’t finished until it’s finished. Kaspar Wire Works has an entire plant dedicated directly to perfecting your finishing needs. Our facilities are equipped with a wide range of technological machinery and are capable of a complete range of finishes, including zinc, nickel, chrome, passivation, powder coating and vinyl. We offer X-ray thickness testing to ensure that your product is at the exact quality of finish requested. Our modern machinery gives us the ability to also strip zinc, paint and nickel off of a product. With passivation processes, we have the ability to enhance your product’s corrosion protection. Kaspar Wire Works’s finishing experts are available throughout the production process to offer you professional advice on which finish is appropriate for the environmental needs of your product.



Powder Coating and Painting

  • Baked-on high-quality super polyester industrial powder-coat finish
  • Wet paint spray booth


  • Zinc stripping
  • Paint stripping
  • Nickel stripping
  • Available for items fitting 69 inches by 41 inches by 49 inches

Silk Screening

  • Photo screen development
  • Automated screen presses
  • Multicolor impressions
  • Baked-on polyset silk screen impressions
  • Signs and graphics
  • Artwork
  • Decals

Quality Assurance Testing

  • X-ray thickness test
  • Salt spray accelerated corrosion test
  • QUV ultraviolet and accelerated weathering test
  • Weld pull test
  • Coordinate measuring matching (CMM)
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