Engineering is at the heart of manufacturing. It determines the quality and precision of the product. It allows innovation to emerge throughout the industry and its applications. It gives the customer consistently evolving solutions and long-lasting components in a world where manufacturing needs are persistently emerging. At Marlin Steel’s Kaspar Wire Works, we pride ourselves on the extensive experience of our engineers and their dedication to developing their trades. We have the ability to offer you comprehensive engineering services throughout the timeline of product conception to completion. Give us your idea, and our engineering experts will formulate a prototype that utilizes the latest technology in the most efficient design. Our engineers are proficient in 3-D mechanical design using both Anvil Express CAD/CAM and Solidworks software. Provide our engineers with a print or drawing of your product and they will design and construct a one-of-a-kind prototype. Your project’s quote is managed by our engineering professionals in order to ensure complete accuracy in timeline and price quotations.

Prototyping Service


Design Assistance

  • Wire division
  • Sheet metal division

3-D Mechanical Design Service

  • Anvil Express CAD/CAM
  • Solidworks
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