Metal parts play a key role in many areas of the food service and food manufacturing industries. Further, the majority of these parts are produced through wire forming. Wire components for food service drive the most important areas of success for a food operation: quality, efficiency and safety. Kaspar Wire Works is pleased to offer our food manufacturing engineering and production services tailored to a range of industry applications, including restaurants, food service companies, grocery stores and food manufacturers.

Wire components for food service and restaurants are found in numerous areas. If you remember any professional or industrial kitchen you’ve seen, in person or on television, you can start to visualize the scope of the role of wire components for food service.

Applications and uses include:

  • Wire racks for food
  • Restaurant wire shelving
  • S-hooks and other hooks for equipment and tools
  • Deep-frying equipment
  • Grills
  • Food service equipment such as whisks
  • General industrial equipment such as lighting clips and more

The importance of well-designed, high-quality food service equipment in these areas can’t be underestimated. For example, properly designed food service wire shelving enables ease of access to equipment and ingredients and ensures safe, secure storage for materials that, in industrial settings, can weigh hundreds of pounds. Food wire racks that are well- designed and quality made enable personnel to access tools and materials with speed and safety.

Our versatile wire forming services are able to address the specific needs of equipment in the restaurant and food service industries. We work with quality, durable and temperature resistant materials, forms and gauges that address the needs of specialized equipment like high-volume grills and fryers.

If your concept or design calls for nonstandard forms, our food manufacturing engineering team is on hand to work with you to innovate the best way to facilitate your advances in the field.

Our wire forming capabilities include:

  • Custom wire forming
  • Wire straightening and cutting (from 0.31 inches to 0.375 inches)
  • 3D CNC forming (from .04 inches to .375 inches)
  • 4-slide and multi-slide forming
  • Hand tool bending
  • Air and hydraulic tabletop bending (up to 5/8 inch)
  • Chamfering, drilling and nibbling wire ends
  • Range of power punch presses by bed size and tonnage (up to 600 tons)
  • Press brakes in an assortment of widths and tonnage (up to 135 tons)

At Kaspar Wire Works, we specialize in one-stop services to meet any needs that you may have for wire forming and metal fabrication in the food service and food manufacturing industries. With decades of experience, our expertise is available to assist with any questions or guidance you may request. Our machinery and capacity facilitate efficient, high-quality production to get your orders to you when you need them. Our range of capabilities means that should your food equipment needs go beyond wire forms, our metal fabrication and machining services are ready to assist.

For more information about how Kaspar Wire Works can meet your needs in food service and food manufacturing, contact us today or request a quote

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