The breadth of Marlin Steel’s Kaspar Wire Works’s machining services contributes to the large scope of services we offer. Over a century of experience in the manufacturing industry has given us the opportunity to accumulate a diverse range of machining capabilities. Our tenured professionals have an in-depth understanding of the evolution of machinery processes and techniques, which gives them an advantage in mastering this ever-changing industry.

Progressive Die Building

As progressive die builders, we help our customers achieve efficient ways of creating complex pieces and assemblies. We transfer our extensive experience as progressive die builders in Texas to offer expertise to nationwide customers in creating the exact best way to manufacture their part or product. There are numerous methods to approach any progressive die manufacturing process, and we pride ourselves on applying our vast knowledge in the area to helping our customers see gains in efficiency, quality, output and bottom line.

Milling, Drilling and Turning

Our CNC milling services support the needs of our customers across a broad range of industries: automotive, electrical, oil and gas and more. We can also work with you to tailor your design for the most efficient manufacturing process possible, making use of our CNC milling, drilling and turning capabilities. Our CNC milling services in Texas are available to companies across the country looking for a one-stop experience for their fabrication and milling needs.

Fadal CNC Machining Center

Our Fadal CNC machining center is the basis of our CNC machining services in Texas and beyond. By investing in equipment, on behalf of our customers, we are able to offer unparalleled quality at high volumes with the capacity to take on your required work as soon as you need it. Our CNC machining services work in conjunction with our full suite of capabilities, including metal fabrication and wire forming, to ensure that you’ll rarely need to work with other suppliers to meet your needs.

More details about our CNC machining equipment below:

  • Maximum travel “X” axis is 60 inches
  • Maximum travel “Y” axis is 30 inches
  • Maximum travel “Z” axis is 30 inches

CNC Lathes

  • Haas SL-40 Long Bed with tailstock and steady rest (25-inch maximum turn diameter, 70-inch maximum turn length, 7-inch spindle through hole)
  • Haas ST-40 with tailstock (25-inch maximum turn diameter, 40-inch maximum turn length, 4-inch spindle through hole)
  • Leadwell LT-10 with tailstock (6-inch maximum turn diameter, 12-inch maximum turn length, 2-inch spindle through hole)

Sodick AQ537L EDM Machine

  • Maximum cut length “X” is 21 inches
  • Maximum cut length “Y” is 14 inches
  • Maximum cut height “Z” is 11 inches

At Marlin Steel’s Kaspar Wire Works, our broad range of capabilities are a key component of our specialty—fulfilling our customers’ needs under one roof. Our identity as a service provider relies not only on our expertise, but on the wide breadth of areas in which we’re able to confidently offer top-quality manufacturing and production services. If you’re ready to explore the range of services we can offer and our commitment to quality, contact us and request a quote today.

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